My name is Katarzyna Stawarz and I am a PhD student at UCL Interaction Centre, where I'm exploring how medication adherence apps could be improved. Existing adherence technologies focus on sending people reminders, but people tend to rely on contextual cues and routine events to help them remember. Read more about my PhD research.

About me

I have background in Computer Science (BSc) and Human-Computer Interaction (MSc). My previous research explored ergonomic issues related to the use of tablet computers in an office environment and I am still interested in mobile devices. My current work focuses on habit formation and behaviour change, and how technology could support them. I'm generally interested in digital health technologies. See the full list of my publications.

I have several years of UX and User Research experience. Before starting my PhD, I worked as a Business Intelligence Analyst at a large media company, where I was responsible for data analysis, user research, and usability testing. See more details on LinkedIn.


The best way to contact me is via Twitter. You can find my email address on my university page.